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Children’s Flute Lessons

Monika Koerner offers children’s flute lessons, for beginner to advanced, from the convenient inner-city location of Bardon, Brisbane. She has students as young as seven, who are already hooked on the likes of Bach and Mozart, and loving it!

Learning flute can help your child:

  • Set goals

  • Feel a sense of achievement

  • Build confidence

  • Improve memory and concentration

  • Develop coordination

  • Improve lung capacity

  • Have fun

“Monika takes great care with every lesson and has inspired our daughter to reach new heights with her playing. She skilfully walks the line of being kind but firm with her expectations. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to take their playing to the next level.” 

- Katrina S, parent

Children’s Lesson Rates

  • Children's lessons are $100/hour, $75/45min, $50/30min

  • No up-front fees - pay as you go*

  • Monika is a Blue Card holder


* Cancellation fees apply for less than 24 hours notice 

Active participation

It’s no secret that kids learn best when they’re actively involved. That’s why lessons focus on a range of repertoire that’s fun and engaging (including your favourite movie themes), with a good balance of technique and theory. This helps develop your child’s flute skills, fuels their creativity, and supports their growing love of music.

Helps your child in other subjects

Studies show that learning an instrument from an early age increases brain function, improving speech development, memory, attention, and concentration. It also helps your child develop spacial intelligence, pattern recognition and problem solving skills, which can assist with other subjects such as mathematics.

Optional AMEB exams

AMEB exams are a fantastic way to help students develop focus and discipline, and challenge them to work towards long term goals. These skills are paramount for future learning and career development later in life. Monika offers tuition for AMEB exams of all levels.

Tertiary entrance exam preparation

University study can be invaluable for gaining the training and connections necessary for a career as a classical musician. Monika can help with preparation and training to ensure your child’s flute audition is confident and competitive, giving them the best chance of gaining acceptance into a tertiary music institute.

Can help with childhood asthma

Flute lessons are a great idea for parents looking for a creative, and engaging, way to help control their child’s asthma symptoms. Playing the flute involves deep breathing techniques that improve lung capacity, and has been identified as a potential long-term therapy for those with mild to moderate asthma.

Book your child’s lesson

Help stimulate your child’s creativity, and love of music, with flute lessons from Monika Koerner.

Contact Monika to book a lesson for your child today.

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